Nirvanam, originally a sanskrit word and in english it is Nirvana.

There are several meanings attributed to the word “Nirvanam”. In simple terms Nirvanam means “bliss,” highest state of satisfaction and happiness and we at Nirvanam are striving to achieve just that by providing you appropriate ambience, service and the taste.

We are a South Indian Specialty Restaurant in the heart of Tokyo with just minutes away from Tokyo Tower. Acclaimed for its interior elegance,we bring you the best of food from the Arabian sea coast of Kerala and Goa ,the Deccan Plateau of Karnataka,to the Bay of Bengal coast of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, each unique in its own concept of taste, flavor, mixture of spices and style of cooking. 

Join us and we guarantee you an out of the world experience.

Please note that we have 2 branches: For Maps please visite Maps section

Nirvanam Kamiyacho Branch:   2F, Oote Building Toranomon 3-19-7, MinatoKu Tokyo 105-0001

Phone: 03-3433-1217  (Kamiyacho Branch)

Nirvanam Toranomon Branch:  B1F Toranomon 1-1-20, MinatoKu, Tokyo 105-0001

Phone: 03-5510-7875 (Toranomon Branch)

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Our Timing

Kamiyacho Branch Lunch Buffet Mon-Fri 11.15-2.30P.M.

Toranomon Branch Lunch Buffet Mon-Sat  11:15 am to 2:30pm

Dosa Set will be available between 1.30P.M.-2.30P.M.

Dinner A La Carte Mon-Sat 6.00pm -10.00P.M.(9.45P.M.Last order)